Various Tutoring Supports

Supports Specifically for Students Registered with LDS

If a student requires support with their academics, through LDS we would focus on providing academic language skills "tutoring" - individualized sessions that allow students to develop their reading, writing, note taking, and general study skills that they can apply to any subject they choose to undertake.

To that end, we currently have three full time staff members and five workstudy/YES students who can provide learning strategy and language skills support to students. We also offering small group sessions on learning strategies specifically designed for students with learning disabilities throughout the academic year.

Students should connect with their disability counselor to find out more about how to access this service.

We can support students who might need to find independent content tutoring.  Students interested in this support would access our On-line Tutor Bank.

Support Available to All York Students

Students are also encouraged to speak to their TAs and Course Directors if they need support with specific course content.

Tutoring in writing skills can be accessed through the Writing Centre.

There are other academic supports for writing can be found at other writing centres on campus as well.

Support with academic learning skills such as note taking, reading, test taking and time management can be access through the Learning Skills Program.

One other useful support is the Learning Commons which can be found in the Scott Library.