LD/ADHD/ASD Screening

Learning Disability Services (LDS) conducts screenings to help students investigate whether their academic difficulties and struggles are related to an undiagnosed Learning Disability (LD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and/or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). These screenings are intended to help determine "next steps", including whether a full psycho-educational or psychiatric assessment would be helpful.

Sometimes, students come to us with a history of academic supports or an existing diagnosis (LD/ADHD/ASD/mental health/physical/sensory/medical).  We recommend these students explore registration with Disability Services (DS) before undertaking this screening process.

Below are some common questions relating to the screening process here at York and to referrals for a psycho-educational or psychiatric assessments.  Please review this information to familiarize yourself with the screening/assessment process.

Frequently asked questions:

What does the screening process involve?

The screening process may include: i. Meeting(s) with a disability counsellor ii. Completion of questionnaires relating to your learning history iii. A review of your academic records, including elementary and high school report cards (it is important to look for these records or contact your high school about obtaining them) iv. A small group assessment of reading and writing

How long will the screening process take?

The screening conducted by LDS normally takes 4 to 6 weeks. If the results of a screening suggest that you may have an undiagnosed LD, ASD or ADHD, you could be referred to a specialist (psychologist or psychiatrist) for a formal assessment.

If I am referred to a specialist for LD/ADHD/ASD assessment, where will this testing take place?

We refer students to psychologists and psychiatrists in the GTA for assessments.  We do not conduct LD/ADHD/ASD testing on campus.

If I am referred to a specialist for an assessment, what is involved?

A psycho-educational assessment is done by a psychologist and involves 6 to 8 hours of testing to investigate whether your academic difficulties are the result of a Specific Learning Disability, ADHD and/or ASD.  A psychiatric assessment may be recommended when attention, focus or concentration are the primary concerns.  The time needed to complete an assessment can vary depending on your availability and that of the psychologist/psychiatrist.  A completed assessment (including a report) can take between an academic semester (i.e. fall term, winter term) and a full academic year.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost for the screening that we do with students on campus. Psycho-educational assessments are done on a fee-for-service basis.  This cost can be up to $2500 - there are options to have part, if not all, of this cost covered.  Psychiatric assessments may also involve fees. Cost and funding is something that we talk to students about as part of the screening process.

Will I receive academic accommodations while the screening/testing process is taking place?

Academic accommodations are put in place for students with diagnosed disabilities.  LDS is not able to put accommodations in place during the screening or testing process.   If you are referred for a psycho-educational assessment, we will discuss registration with Disability Services once we have your report.  Students who are referred to a psychiatrist for testing around ADHD can speak to the psychiatrist about completing our ADHD Medical Documentation Form once their assessment is complete.  If you have been previously diagnosed with a LD/ADHD/ASD or have an existing mental health, physical, sensory or medical condition, we recommend that you explore registration with Disability Services prior to initiating the screening process with our office.

To start the LD/ADHD/ASD screening process, please complete our online  Investigating a Possible LD/ADHD/ASD Form.  After reviewing your form, we will be in contact via the email address that you provide about next steps.