New Student Checklist - Steps to Setting Up Supports

Step 1

I have accepted my Offer of Admission by confirming online. I am aware of how I need to enroll for courses with my faculty/program. I have carefully reviewed my course load, considering how many courses I can manage and if they suit my learning profile.

Please note that at least a 40% course load is considered full time for students with a documented permanent disability for OSAP purposes.  Most students in their first year do not enroll in 5 courses as they want to ensure they make time to adapt to the university environment.

Step 2

I have connected with Learning Disabilities Services (LDS) and completed a Disability Services Student Questionnaire  (my disability related documentation has been attached to this questionnaire).  Information about documentation requirements for registration with LDS is available from the Disability Services Documentation page on the Disability Services website.

Step 3

I am exploring my options with respect to York related funding/bursaries by filling in Student Financial Profile.

Step 4

I have applied for the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)  to determine whether I am eligible for bursaries even if I do not intend to use a student loan. It is to my advantage to check the permanent disability box on the OSAP application, but this will depend on whether my documentation is complete and current. Contact LDS as we can provide this documentation if you are eligible.

Important Considerations

I am planning to visit campus over the summer to: