New Students

Check out the LDS Student Handbook for detailed information about our services.

Offer of Admission

Connect with our office as soon as you accept your offer of admission to York.


Register by completing an online  Disability Services Student Questionnaire .  Students should upload copies of their disability related documentation to the questionnaire.  Information about documentation requirements is available from our Documentation Requirements page.

Important Information

Review this important checklist as you wait for your intake appointment.

Find out more about the Bursary for Students with Disabilities (BSWD) and if you might be eligible for disability related financial supports.

Please Note:

Students who register with older documentation might also need to update their psycho-educational assessment.  It is best to speak with a Disability Counsellor at intake to determine if this is necessary.  More information can be found on our Getting an Updated Assessment page.

Once classes start, it can take up to 2 weeks to make an intake appointment.  Some accommodations may also take additional time to put in place. Watch the video below for more information - all of which is also detailed below in text.

Glendon students need to contact Glendon's Counselling Services regarding registration with accessibility services.