Getting an Updated Psychoeducational Assessment

An updated psychoeducational assessment may be requested to maintain, help determine and/or request additional supports and accommodations at the university level.   If so, our office and your counsellor can help with a)  the cost and b)  process.

a) Details about cost:   Psychoeducational assessments are done on a fee for service basis by psychologists in the community.  They are not covered by OHIP and tend to be quite costly.  However, there are often ways to subsidize or cover this cost when you are a student.

You must apply for OSAP, even if you do not plan to use the loan.  If you are eligible, we can access a bursary which will pay for all or most of the assessment.  If your OSAP application is denied, you may still be able to access assessment funding through:

Employee benefits, if you have coverage or are covered by your parent’s plan for registered psychologists.  This can cover or defray the cost of a new assessment.  Check your benefits.

There is another source of funding that uses a sliding scale to determine the family’s or student’s contribution towards the assessment cost, based on Net Income from last year’s taxes.

b) Details about PROCESSStudents will take the following steps:

1)  fill out a package of questionnaires, which you get from our office.  You may receive the package the day you register with Disability Services (Intake) or at any time you are planning to get a new assessment, e.g., the summer before you begin university or during your studies.

2) gather existing documentation, such as previous assessment reports, IEP’s and report cards to take to the psychologist

3) be referred out to a psychologist from our referral list for approximately 8 hours of testing and a final feedback appointment for results

4)  bring the updated assessment report back to their counsellor to update disability documentation and accommodations

If you have questions about this this process or the funding options, please do not hesitate to contact Learning Disability Services. (W128 Bennett Centre for Student Services 416-736-5383 OR email sasha at csasha@