Designated Gym Space

Get your gym stuff ready!  Disability Services (DS) has secured a designated gym space.

Note:  This program is available during the academic year from the 2nd week in September through to the first week of April.

Students can drop in any time between 12:30pm and 2pm,  Tuesday thru Friday at the Tait Mackenzie Centre (Studio 3).

Check out the positive feedback we've received from students about their experience with the Designated Gym Space!

To access the designated gym space, you need to register at Tait Mackenzie(have your YU card activated so that you can access Tait and buy your shoe tag for $15).  You are able to register anytime that Tait Mackenzie is open.

The designated gym can be found one level (squash court level) down from the main entrance. You enter the turn styles and turn to your left – follow that hallway until the end, turn to your left and go down the stairs one flight – the designated gym will be on your left hand side as you go through the glass doors.