Where can I get information on disability rights in the workplace?

Many websites contain information on the rights of workers with disabilities in the workplace. The following sites have useful information:

Human Rights Information:

  • Canadian Human Rights
    Contains information on the Canadian Human Rights Act and Case law
  • Canadian Human Rights Commission
    Information on the Commission, the Canadian Human Rights Act, Employment Equity, and related legislation and policies. This office will provide information on the Canadian Human Rights Act and will investigate discrimination complaints dealing with federally regulated organizations such as banks, airlines, federal government departments, communication companies, and inter-provincial transportation companies.
  • Ontario Human Rights
    The Human Rights Commission provides free information on human rights, including the topic of reasonable accommodation. This office also investigates complaints dealing with discrimination. The web site provides good information on the employer's duty to accommodate.
  • Human Rights Law in Canada
    Provides a data base on human rights in Canada.
  • Ontarians with Disabilities Act
    Contains this Act along with a link to the Ontario Accessibility Directorate website.
  • Ontarians with Disabilities Act Committee
    Is a voluntary coalition of individuals and community organizations who have united to secure the passage in Ontario of a new law which would achieve a barrier-free society for persons with disabilities.

Other Interesting Sites:

  • The Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work
    Provides a variety of services to Canadians with disabilities, include free information on job accommodations, job search assistance, and skills training partnerships.
  • Persons with Disabilities On-line
    A Government of Canada website that contains frequently asked questions and links for people with disabilities.
  • Job Accommodation Network
    Be careful because this is an American website. The legislation is different. Nevertheless, this website contains excellent information on accommodations for persons with LDs.