Secrets for Success: Yvonne Layne

Social Worker

“Have a goal for your day or the day will have a goal for you!”

Image of Yvonne LayneYvonne has a Bachelor of Social Work and a Diploma in Early Childhood Education. The secret to her success is to “set goals: a daily goal, a weekly goal, a yearly goal and a life goal.” To keep track, Yvonne maintains a logbook. She makes time daily to cross out completed goals and highlight the ones that still need work.

In elementary school, Yvonne realized that she was considerably above average in some areas but below average in others. This confused her at first. Sometimes this made her feel very bad about her skills. She began, however, to develop her networking skills at an early age. “I befriended peers who did better in areas where I was lagging. This turned into a reciprocal advantage: I had ideas that sometimes they didn’t have, so they also wanted me as a partner.”

She has learned that her LD accommodations often benefit other colleagues. This is because her accommodations help her to be more effective, but they often also allow others to be more efficient as well. For example, while working as an early child education teacher, she asked the centre to buy a computer to assist with planning, organization and record-keeping. Actually, she really needed it to check her spelling! When they refused, she brought her own computer to the center. The computer turned out to be a valuable asset for everyone. Later, the centre decided to purchase several computers so that all of the teachers could manage their affairs more professionally and efficiently.

Yvonne believes that success boils down to perseverance and remaining positive about your goals. “Keep trying. Not everybody is good at everything. But you are bound to be good at something. You just have to find out what that is.”