Secrets for Success: Warren Milando

Television Commercial Producer

“If you’re different, you may be an outcast, but uniqueness can lead to greatness.”

Image of Warren MilandoWarren had difficulty getting academic accommodations in the university he attended, so he transferred to York University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Now a successful entrepreneur, Warren cites organizational skills as the main contributing factor to his success. The same organizational skills he had to develop to face the challenges of his LDs proved to be the ones he needed to succeed in the world of business today. “I learned how to organize, make lists and stick to those lists.”

Warren has never looked at his LDs as disabilities. He utilized them to identify his individual points of strength. Spelling remains difficult. “At times it’s embarrassing for a person to submit a handwritten report when the simplest of words are misspelled.” Yet his visual aptitude helped Warren excel in the film industry. “Don’t take to heart negative feedback about your future prospects; their opinion doesn’t have to be yours!”

Warren has learned from experience that staying positive, working hard and keeping organized paves the way to future success. Instead of focusing on the negative, he asserts that one needs to believe in oneself as much as possible. “Target what your strengths are and adapt those strengths into your learning, the best that you can.”