Secrets for Success: Rayhan Patel (pseudonym)

Chartered Accountant

“Understand your LDs, find ways to organize yourself and you will succeed!”

Image of 'Rayhan Patel'Rayhan is now a successful chartered accountant and entrepreneur. Getting a chartered accountancy designation is very competitive. There are many difficult courses to pass and many competitive professional tests to write. To reach one’s ultimate goal, especially one as ambitious as this, he believes one should show determination and goal-orientedness. He suggests that you identify what you want to do and figure out how to do it.

Rayhan managed to get some accommodations for his tests, a crucial factor in helping him acquire chartered accountancy status. To succeed in the competitive business environment of an accounting company (a consideration that has persuaded him to remain anonymous), Rayhan had to identify his LDs to himself clearly and to adjust his working habits accordingly. He learned that one should be determined, but also not take on too much. He accepted that if he was to reach his goals, he had to work at a slower pace and focus on one task at a time. Ultimately, he proved to be better organized than most.

Negative feedback in school didn’t cause Rayhan to stray from his path. When a teacher suggested he not take advanced level science, he became even more determined to succeed. Fortunately, some teachers were great sources of support and inspiration. He particularly remembers one special education teacher in high school who encouraged him not to give up. Rayhan advises teachers and counsellors to believe in their students and to keep trying new approaches to develop their success.