Secrets for Success: Lynda Alton (pseudonym)

Organizational Development & Training Specialist

"You have two choices: run or step up to the challenge!"

Image of 'Lynda Alton'Lynda returned to university after sixteen years of absence and managed to complete her degree and become an organizational development and training specialist. It was difficult for her to accept that she had to use the resources of the York University Learning Disability Services (LDS). But it proved to be a very important and beneficial step in her academic success. "I chose to use all the services in LDS and I became stronger because of that."

At York, Lynda learned to stay positive and competitive despite the circumstances. This helped her cope with the great responsibility of her new job where she was assigned to coordinate multi-million dollar projects. Without any special accommodations at work, she achieved the required results by hard work and focus. "I'm working probably 25% more than the average worker to learn and deliver what I’m supposed to be delivering; however, I am determined and I produce excellent results."

Lynda would advise individuals with LDs, whether in school or university, to avail themselves of the resources provided through their disability support center. "Don't be afraid to ask for accommodation and counselling. Use all the services, because with support you can succeed."

Most importantly, "Value and believe in yourself! Have the absolute confidence that you are going to overcome your obstacles if you seek out and apply the strategies that will help you succeed."