Secrets for Success: Glenn Lolohea (pseudonym)

Graduate, London School of Economics

“My LDs were like a weight chained to my foot. Inconvenient at first, lifting the weights daily made me stronger.”

Glenn's teachers told him that he would not survive the challenges of a post secondary education. Not only did he survive, he thrived. Glenn graduated with an MA in Critical Disability Studies and completed a Double Master of Science degree in international relations at the highly prestigious London School of Economics and Peking University. Impressively, he was also the recipient of many prestigious awards and scholarships.

When asked, Glenn cites the major principles for his success: "First is having confidence in your dreams. Secondly, work hard and network with the right people. Thirdly, one has to believe that if one is patient, persistent and moves toward one's dreams and away from negative beliefs, success is possible."

Although Glenn was very embarrassed in high school because he had to write exams in a separate room, he recognized that it was necessary to succeed. He developed strategies to overcome his difficulties in processing audio-visual information as well as strategies to cope with his stutter. In fact, his speech abilities became so well developed that he has been recognized positively for the motivating speeches that he has delivered to many large audiences.