Secrets for Success: Arthur Pidgeon

Management Consultant

“How can this be done better? …the motto to my competitive advantage!”

Image of Arthur PidgeonArthur has difficulty with reading and writing. To simplify things for himself, he creates summaries and rewrites technical manuals to make them more comprehensible for him to read. He has been complimented on the written documents because they present simplified, understandable versions of complex material that others also find useful. To manage his writing in marketing meetings he creates templates that enable him to record with checkmarks the common client responses. This helped him not only to market more effectively to particular customers, but his templates also became a “best practice” for other marketers without writing problems who needed an efficient and effective way to record large quantities of strategic information. The templates proved to be an efficient means to easily compile statistical data on the entire customer base.

Arthur is an example of how one can start at an entry-level position and very quickly move to a senior position. Although currently he is a VP of an international business, and recently sold his partnership in a $20M multi-franchise business he created, he started his career after university as a paper scanner. He attributes his success in the corporate world to the challenges he had to face because of his LDs. Arthur says that having LDs “is like being inside a turning vice-grip that is squeezing you harder and harder with the only way to break out being to do things differently.” Efficiency became his motto. “The LDs are a challenge, but they have forced me to recognize what my problems are, what my challenges are, and what I have to do to overcome them.”

The keys to overcoming his difficulties included organization, persistence, goal-setting and good networking. Arthur’s distinct approach to mastering challenges opened up new avenues for creative thinking and his rapid ascent in the corporate world.