Secrets for Success: Archive

What do the following people have in common?

They are successful university graduates with learning disabilities (LDs) who were told that they didn't have the academic or career potential to obtain a technical, professional, or managerial career. Yet, all were able to overcome negative predictions to achieve academic and career success.

University students with learning disabilities (LDs) demonstrate many valuable qualities which are in great demand by today's employers: high motivation, enthusiasm, willingness to work hard, goal focus, success orientation, creative problem solving skills, perseverance, ability to overcome obstacles, and innovative perspectives. Recent job surveys also revealed that university students with LDs received higher job performance scores than students without disabilities on all job performance measures analyzed.*

What are the secrets to the success of these university graduates?

Scott Allardyce,
Policy Analyst
Joan Bigley,
Recreational Therapist
Faith Folk,
Marketing Representative
Jeff Karmiol,
Technical Writer
Stasia Merker,
Rob Middleton,
Equity Consultant
David Sloly,
Computer Support Analyst
Paul Tarsitano,
Correctional Officer
Matthew Worther,
Stock Analyst

*Additional information regarding job performance research may be obtained from Jayne Greene-Black at Learning Disability Services, York University.