What are some of the special employment services and recruitment campaigns available?


  • Ability Edge
    Ability Edge is an initiative linked to the Career Edge program that offers six-, nine- and 12-month paid internships to graduates with disabilities in a variety of organizations across Canada. These internships are excellent ways for new graduates to launch their career.

    • Tel: 416-977-EDGE (3343)
    • Fax: 416-977-4090
    • Toll-free: 1-888-507-EDGE (3343)
    • E-mail: info@abilityedge.ca
  • Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work
    This council provides information and services to people with disabilities. The CCRW develops skills training partnerships between the private sector and persons with disabilities. They also deliver disability related workshops and have developed relevant research materials and handbooks. They also coordinate the Wide Area Employment Network, a computer network that links job-ready people with disabilities to employers across the country.
  • The Career Centre at York University
    The Career Centre website has an excellent section on employment resources and special recruitment programs for persons with disabilities.

  • Entry Point
    This agency assists post-secondary students with disabilities to find part-time employment in the City of Toronto. Those who are in their final year of secondary school and who have applied to a post-secondary program in the Greater Toronto area are also eligible for their services.
  • Hawkins Institute
    This agency offers a service that helps people with Asperger Syndrome (AS) and more able autism acquire vocational skills and find meaningful work. They currently report a 92% success rate for finding meaningful employment for their clients.
  • Join Job opportunity Network for Students with Learning Disabilities
    The job opportunity information network for persons with disabilities joins 50 different agencies founded by ODSP employment supports in Toronto and central east region. Together, they assist persons with disabilities and find and maintain employment.

  • Learning Disabilities Centre, JVS
    The Centre provides employment programs to assist individuals to understand their learning disability and to determine suitable employment goals. Through employer partnerships and coaching, they can also assist job seekers in securing and maintaining employment. They can also refer participants for psyco-vocational assessments on a fee-for-service basis through JVS.

  • LinkUp Employment Services
    LinkUp Employment Services for Persons with Disabilities is a charitable, not-for-profit employment services and training assessment centre located in Toronto.

    • Tel: 416-413-4922
    • Fax: 416-413-4927
    • TTY: 416-413-4926
    • E-mail: info@linkup.ca
  • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
    This Ontario government program has two components: an income support program and an employment support program. The income support program provides persons with disabilities who are having difficulty maintaining full-time employment with a monthly income. The employment support program provides a variety of assistance such as

    • help with employment planning
    • employment preparation support and training
    • technical aids and training
    • readers, note takers, and orientation training
    • job placement support; job coaching and help with job searches
    • on-the-job training

    You do not need to be receiving ODSP income supports to be eligible for employment supports. To qualify for employment supports under ODSP, applicants must have a) a physical or mental impairment that is expected to last one year or more, and b) that the impairment presents a substantial barrier to getting a job.

    • Tel: 416-325-5666
    • Toll-free: 1-888-789-4199
    • TTY: 1-800-387-5559
  • Opportunity Fund for Personas With Disabilities
    Their opportunities fund is a program to help people with disabilities prepare for and obtain employment or self-employment. In addition to develop skills they need to keep a new job.
  • Strategic Employment Solutions
    Strategic Employment Solutions (SES) offers employment services to job seekers with disabilities and employers. It is a collaboration of community-based organizations and employers who work together to assist people with learning disabilities find employment.

  • WORKink
    WORKink promotes and supports the employment of persons with disabilities, providing labour market and career information, access to national, provincial, and territorial resources, and online experts' assistance.