Career Services

Career Counselling in LDS involves some or all of the following:

  • Individual Counselling
  • Mentorship Program
  • Work Shadow Program
  • Networking to Employment
  • Alumni Networking
  • Assistance with Job Search Strategies

We also coordinate joint workshops and events with York's Career Centre.

Partnerships between York’s Career Centre and Counselling & Disability Services include:

  • Who Am I Game for Students with Disabilities: interactive career game designed to clarify students’ strengths, temperaments, and career possibilities
  • Workshop on Disclosure in the Workplace: designed to assist students with disabilities in making decisions about if, when, and how to disclosure their disability to employers
  • Career Success Event: Employment Supports for York Students with Disabilities:  opportunity to connect with employers, community service providers, and employees with disabilities

Kevin Cao attended the Career Success Event as a first year. He reported that through participating he gained knowledge and confidence that enabled him to follow through in connecting with one of the attending organizations. This led to a great summer job after his first year at York that this led to another great summer job after his second year. Read Kevin’s Testimonial

York’s Career Centre offers diverse career and job search services:  job fairs, industry panels, workshops, individual career counselling, job search supports, internships, and website of job openings.

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