As of Monday, March 5, a labour disruption is ongoing at York University.

The University is open. Acting in the interests of our students, all classes that can continue will continue. Libraries, cafeterias, residences, student services, administrative offices and other university facilities will remain open. Some classes, labs and tutorials may have to be temporarily suspended. We will work to accommodate and support any students whose studies are interrupted. To check the status of your courses, please go to

For information about the labour disruption, please visit The frequently asked questions section provides the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Effective November, 2017, Learning Disability Services (LDS), Mental Health Disability Services (MHDS) and Physical, Sensory & Medical Disability Services (PSMDS) have collectively been renamed Student Accessibility Services (SAS). While the new website is being developed, you can continue to access information here.

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About Us

New Students

New students who have their disability related documentation can register with our services by filling out our online Student Accessibility Services Registration.  Your disability related documentation should be uploaded to your online registration form.  Information about documentation requirements for registration with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) is available from our Registration Documentation page.

Each student registered with us is assigned their own Accessibility Counsellor.  This counsellor remains the student's  key contact while they complete their studies at York.  They work with the student to help them navigate the academic and administrative landscape.

We provide 1:1 academic support by setting up reasonable academic accommodations for students based on the nature of their disability, their documentation, and the academic integrity of their courses.  We meet throughout a student's academic journey as needed.

Returning Students

At the start of the academic term, students registered with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) who would like to discuss changes to their academic accommodations should call our office to schedule an appointment with their Accessibility Counsellor. Contact information is available from our Contact Us page.  Returning students who do not need to discuss changes to their accommodations, should visit our Request for Letter of Accommodation page to complete an online request for their letter.  Starting summer 2017, requested Letters of Accommodation will be sent to students via email.

Investigating an Undiagnosed LD/ADHD/ASD

SAS offers screenings to York students who are experiencing academic difficulties and who suspect these difficulties are due to an undiagnosed LD/ADHD/ASD. These screenings are designed to help determine if a student should be referred to a psychologist or a psychiatrist in the greater Toronto area for an assessment.  To learn more about the screening process, visit our Investigating an Undiagnosed LD/ADHD/ASD page.

Here's what current students have to say about being registered with LDS!