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About Us

New Students

New students who have their disability related documentation can now connect with our services by filling out an online Disability Services Student Questionnaire so we can book an appointment and start the process of connecting you with your Disability Counsellor. Information about documentation requirements is available from our Disability Services Documentation page.

Each student registered with us is assigned their own disability counsellor.  The Disability Counsellor remains the student's  key contact while they complete their studies at York.  They work with the student to help them navigate the academic and administrative landscape.

We provide 1:1 academic support by setting up reasonable academic accommodations for students based on the nature of their disability, their documentation, and the academic integrity of their courses.  We meet throughout a student's academic journey as needed.

Returning Students

Returning students can meet individually with their counsellor if they would like to make changes to their accommodations. If they do not need to make any changes, they can request updated letters of accommodation online.

Undiagnosed Students

Students who are unsure if they have an undiagnosed learning disability and/or ADHD can read about Testing for a Learning Disability and/or ADHD.

Here's what current students have to say about being registered with LDS!